How it works

Okay, before you even consider using our service for your restaurant let us explain you how it works and why our company is number one in the area.

Since the opening of our company we established a system that works through the ages and keeps both restaurants and their customers satisfied. We can brag ourself that we are the company with lowest number of canceled orders and our drivers deliver the food on time even on the busiest nights.

Hungry dinners would browse menus online or ask for their food through the phone directly contacting the restaurant. Your move is only contacting us and letting us know where order goes and how long for the food to be ready. Our trained drivers will come to your restaurant and deliver the food in promised time.

All of our team is fully equiped with warmer bags so you do not have to worry if outside is cold and rainy or even snowy! The food will be delivered safe and warm to the customers who will be ussualy surprised how fast they received their food.

You don’t beleive what we are saying?

Don’t worry, we are here to show you our quality. That’s why all of our new customers have chance to try a 14 day trial period without going a single dime from their pocket!

Contact us now and lets make your customers satisfied.