How it works

Hungry dinners would browse menus online and send in their orders or through phone. We are then notified and one of our profesionally trained drivers will be on the way to pick up the well prepared food. Once the food is in our hands it will be delivered in a professional and timely manner. Don’t beleive us? Well we have a 2 week free trial for your restaurant to experiment with. Give us a call or an email if you are ready to elevate your resturants!

Food taste better when its delivered on time”

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What people are saying about our delivery service

Resturant managers are usually satisfied with our speed and eficiency

I’ve been using their delivery service for the past 7 years. Not even once have I had any unpleasant experience. And the dishes always taste fresh and good!

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Each time I spend less time then picking it up by my own and i get a fresh, tasty, homemade dinner!

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My friend who owns a restaurant recommended me this company service and my customers are more satisfied then ever!

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Your main chef wants the cathering order to be delivered warm and safe to the customer?

We have you covered!

Our drivers have their warm bags always ready in their car so your chef does not need to worry that the food will get to the customer cold and spilled!
We garantuee it!
You are unsure which restaurants to order the food from?

Here is our restaurant recommendation of the week!

Todoroki restaurant offers a cozy, home-like atmosphere to help you enjoy your dinner and have a peace of mind. They assembled a strong team of professionals, all of whom aspire to constantly excel and step it up! You can also call and reserve your own chef who will prepare tasty food in front of you and will make your night even better!